Honor Award

Honor Award

The Honor Award provides the means through which INSHAPE recognizes an individual who is clearly outstanding in his/her profession with long and distinguished service to health, physical education, recreation, dance (HPERD), and/or allied areas.


Any INSHAPE professional who meets the eligibility requirements and exemplifies the criteria below may be nominated for this award.

  1. Current member in INSHAPE.
  2. Preparation in one or more areas of professional concern of the Association,
  3. Minimum of ten years professional experience in HPERD and/or allied areas, and
  4. Be at least 35 years of age (as of October 15 of the year of nomination submission).


Award Criteria

The applicant must be an individual who:

  1. Serves professionally in school, community, and/or college/university programs to inspire others to live vigorously and courageously,
  2. Displays personal integrity and exemplifies the spirit of devoted service to the profession,
  3. By his/her leadership and industry, made an outstanding and meritorious contribution to the advancement of health, physical education, recreation, dance, and/or allied areas, and
  4. Demonstrates successful professional contributions in teaching, scholarship, and service. Must satisfy five or more of the following conditions:
    a. Teaching (also includes Coaching, Performing, Supervising, and Directing)
    i. Demonstrates outstanding teaching or coaching performance and/or administrative leadership ability,
    ii. Meritorious contributions to HPERD through success in the medium of performing arts,
    iii. Exceptional achievement in HPERD through program supervision or direction in school corporations, communities, departments, or agencies, and/or
    iv. Contribution to the profession that has affected its philosophy or practices, not included in the above.
    b. Scholarship
    i. Significant number of presentations before educational groups, at assemblies, workshops, and/or conferences, and other such meetings held in the interest and promotion of health, physical education, recreation, dance, and allied areas,
    ii. Author of articles accepted and published by the INSHAPE Journal or other professional publications,
    iii. Author or co – author of one or more books on health, physical education, recreation, and/or dance, and/or
    iv. Engaged in systematic research or scholarly activity that has helped advance the profession.
    c. Service
    i. Exhibited a devotion to the advancement of HPERD as exemplified by his/her leadership in INSHAPE,
    ii. Distinctive leadership as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association,
    iii. Chair of a committee of the Association, and/or
    iv. Outstanding service with the Association or with an organization promoting the same general objectives as the Association over a period of years.


Complete online application according to deadline on main Awards page.

Application requires one (1) letter of recommendation from applicant’s principal or colleague. The letter should be directly related to the award criteria.


Selection and Recognition Process

  1. The Awards Committee will select one award recipient from the pool of qualified applicants.
  2. Applicants will be notified by early Fall.
  3. The award will be presented at the State Conference in November.


Previous Award Recipients

2022  Kathy Langdon

2020  Lawrence Judge

2019  Lisa Hicks

2018  Roberta Sipe

2017 Kim Hurley

2016 LeAnn Haggard

2015 Carole DeHaven

2014 David Anspaugh

2013 Elise Studer Smith

2012 Dale Berry

2011 Cathy Huntsinger

2010 Kim Duchane

2009 Jane Davis-Brezette

2008 Susan Flynn

2007 Suzanne Crouch

2006 Eugenia (Genie) Scott

2005 Marilyn Buck

2004 Lana Groombridge

2003 Karen Hatch

2002 Pat Zezula

2001 Katie Stanton

2000 Ed Schilling

1999 Ronald Davis

1998 Willie Grissom

1996 Nikki Assmann

1995 David Gallahue

1994 Dolores Wilson

1993 Don Mosher

1992 Becky Hull

1991 Ruth Lester

1990 S. Sue Barrett

1989 Tom Sawyer

1988 Joann Price

1987 Nick Kellum

1986 Nancy Linson

1985 Paul Surburg

1984 Adelaide Cole

1983 Charles Baler

1982 John Sefferin

1981 Catherine Nordholm

1980 Barbara Passmore

1979 Florida Lowry

1978 Tony Berto

1977 Norma Jean Johnson

1976 Louise Pound

1975 Donald Shondell

1974 Richard Spear

1973 Helen Scheibner

1972 Hugh Vickers

1971 Catherine Weber

1970 Paul Wolf

1969 George Stroia

1968 Walter Marks

1967 Sally Dill

1966 Russell Keller

1965 George Oberle

1964 Jane Garber

1963 Donas Dischinger

1962 Harry Grabner

1961 Reynold Carlson

1960 Anthony Annarino

George Schlafer
John Magnobosco
W. W. Patty
Karl Bookwalter
Robert Yoho
Forest Wood
Ruth Carroll
Paul Williams
Clara Hester
Reuben Behlmer
Clarence Biedenweg
John Brogeneaux
Richard Tiernan
Doris Julian
Florence Curtis
Grace Woody
Mildred Lemen
Mark Wakefield
Grace Fielder Holbrook
Ruth Luther
Cloyd Julian
Hester Beth Bland
Charles Cowell
Homer Allen
Catherine Wolf
Edna Moore
Fred Martin
Malcolm McClelland
Lola Lohse
Emma Jane Gardner
Janet Maclean
Cliff Barnes
Eleanor Forsythe St. John
Welman France
Robert McCall
John Reno
Raymond Struck
Hilda Schwehn
Arthur Daniels
Richard Brainerd
Ramona Holsinger
John Endwright