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Awards/Scholarships Committee

Awards Committee


The Awards/Scholarship committee is responsible for recognizing important contributions, achievements, and potential.



  1. Maintain a robust and relevant array of recognition opportunities representing the contributions of its members.
  2. Identify multiple candidates for each award/scholarship.
  3. Support candidates through the application process.
  4. Select qualified recipients for each award/scholarship.
  5. Provide opportunities to recognize recipients of association awards and scholarships.


Goals for 2021

To be established.

More Information

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Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role (membership)
Ford, Lisa* @laford96351044 Franklin Central High School Chair (Current)
President-Elect (TBD) Sponsor (Current)
Brant, Tammy* @tbrant3 Selma Middle School (1377) Member (Current)
Britten, Cindy @brittencindy Northwestern Senior High School (2897) Member (Current)
Godsey, Erik @ebgodsey Franklin Central High School Member (Current)
Lee, Myung-Ah @myungahlee777 Indiana State University Member (Current)
Sanders, Gary @ St. Josephs College Associate (Current)
For more information, contact:     Lisa Ford Last updated: 12/01/20