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Fitness/Sports Council

Fitness/Sports Council


INSHAPE’s Fitness/Sports/Recreation council visions a state where all children are prepared to lead healthy, physically active lives.



Our primary mission is provide high quality education of safe and modern fitness and sport programs.


Goals for 2021

    1. To be established.



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Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role (membership)
Jackson, Alyssa* @alyjaxn Eagle Elementary School (0514) Chair (Current)
President-Elect (TBD) Sponsor (Current)
Yoder, Kyle @dcscelempe North Elementary School (2721) Member (Current)
Book, Aaron @book1887 Tindley Genesis Academy (5621) Member (Current)
Moreland, Megan @ Northeastern Middle School (8929) Member (Current)
Imel II, Stephen @ SS Francis and Clare Catholic Sch (B540) Associate (Current)
Crawn, Molly* @@molly_crawn33 Lost Creek Elementary School (8549) Candidate (Current)
Quin, Colin* @thepeteacher_1 Peru Junior High School (6089) Candidate (Current)
Johnson, Johani @catalyzjo Andrew J Brown Academy (5488) Candidate (Past)
Kissinger, Tyler @tkiss22 Little Turtle Elementary School (9178) Candidate (Past)
Negley, Kayla @mes_physed McCordsville Elementary School (2570) Candidate (Past)
For more information, contact:     Alyssa Jackson Last updated: 01//10/21