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Grants Committee

Grants Committee


The Grants Committee is responsible for the evaluation and selection of grant proposals as well as the on-going evaluation and reporting of funded grant projects.



  1. Establish and regularly review the association’s grant programs.
  2. Promote the availability, requirements and application process for grants to the association membership.
  3. Award grants based on established criteria.
  4. Monitor and report on grant results.

Goals for 2021

To be established.

More Information

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Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role (membership)
Crawn, Aaron* @ Forest Park Elementary School (0942) Chair (Current)
DeHaven, Carole* @caroledehaven Purdue University Sponsor (Current)
Eubank, Justine @ Hobart High School (4305) Member (Current)
Helm, Kelly @ Valparaiso University Member (Current)
McMurtry, Andrea* @dremurt Ball State University Member (Current)
Bornino, Andrea* @ab_nino Glen Acres Elementary School (8091) Associate (Current)
Greathouse, Lisa* @scrschoolhealth IU Health Bloomington Hospital Associate (Current)
Orlowski, Gina @mrsofitandfun Westville Elementary School (4699) Candidate (Current)
Busch, Melanie* @ North Side High School (0101) Candidate (Current)
Powers, Shannon @ Ball State University Candidate (Past)
Rush, Danae @rushpetsc Wyandotte Elementary (8006) Candidate (Past)
Carroll, Brian @ Hammond Academy of Science and Technology
For more information, contact:     Aaron Crawn Last updated: 12/01/20