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Higher Education Committee

Higher Education Committee


The Higher Education Committee is responsible for representing the interests, programs, and missions of Indiana’s higher education institutions to the Association.

  1. Represents the interests and priorities of all Indiana institutions of higher education.
  2. Creates opportunities for association members of higher education to network and collaborate.
  3. Provides information on association related programs at each Indiana institution of higher education.



  1. Maintain a robust council with representation from all Indiana colleges and universities with INSHAPE related degree programs.
  2. Curate and maintain a directory of all INSHAPE related degree programs to be used by high school career advisors, college-bound students, K-12 administrators, and INSHAPE members.
  3. Engage pre-service teachers and related college students in the benefits of INSHAPE membership towards the goal of membership continuity after graduation.
  4. Provide programs, resources, and mentorship for recent graduates to increase teacher retention.

Goals for 2021

To be established.

More Information

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Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role (Membership)
Huntoon, Ann @amtoonie Indiana University-Bloomington Chair (Current)
President-Elect (TBD) Sponsor (Current)
For more information, contact:     Ann Huntoon Last updated: 12/01/20