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Joint Projects Committee

Joint Projects Committee



The Committee is responsible for the ongoing educational/fundraising programs.


  1. Review and update joint project policies, procedures, and initiatives.
  2. Develop the association’s fundraising annual plan.
  3. Identify and implement programs with partners to promote each group’s educational/fitness efforts.
  4. Conduct or facilitate information/training sessions for prospective event coordinators.


Goals for 2021

To be established.

More Information

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Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role (term ends)
Hite, Meg* @ Hamilton Heights Elementary School (2478) Chair (Current)
DeHaven, Carole* @caroledehaven Purdue University Sponsor (Current)
Torrance, Deborah* @mrs_torrance Stonegate Elementary (0542) Member (Current)
Bornino, Andrea* @ab_nino Glen Acres Elementary School (8091) Associate (Current)
Lemke, Gary* @lemke INSHAPE Associate (Current)
For more information, contact:     Meg Hite Last updated: 12/01/20