Operating Codes – Technology Council

I. Description

The Technology Council is a standing council of the Association. The Council is responsible for the ongoing professional development of members who use technology to teach physical education and health education.

II. Oversight

The President shall oversee the Council.

III. Structure

The Technology Council consists of at least one (1) but no more than (2) members in good standing from each Indiana higher education institution.

IV. Committee Chair

The Technology Council Chair shall be chosen by vote of the Executive Committee from nominees submitted by the past President. The Committee Chair serves as an ex officio, voting member of the Board of Directors.

V. Term

Length: The term of office is up to two years commencing on the day after the annual conference.

Expiration: Each year, the term of up to half of the committee members shall expire.

Limit: Council members may not serve more than two consecutive terms unless an alternate institution representative cannot be identified.

VI. Reports

The Council Chair shall submit an annual report to the President by September 1. The Council Chair shall also submit updates to the Secretary as requested throughout the year.

VII. Succession

The Council Chair shall meet with his/her successor as soon as possible and as often as necessary for the new Council Chair to certify that all pertinent committee information has been transferred and any necessary training/consultation has occurred to ensure the new Council Chair can successfully assume responsibilities on the first day of office.

VIII. Responsibilities

Attend all required Association meetings.

Recruit and maintain a minimum number of active council members.

Determine the top needs of professionals in the Council’s area of expertise.

Develop an annual professional development plan.

Plan programming for the state conference. Solicit presenters and ensure presentation proposals are submitted on time.

Manage the implementation of the app used at the state conference to make sure all programming information is available prior to the start of the conference.

Assign Council members to serve as presiders at appropriate program sessions.

Plan and implement professional development opportunities outside of the state conference as appropriate.

Contribute articles for publication in Association communications.

Maintain a current and robust set of professional development resources on the Council’s dedicated page on the Association’s web site.

Nominate teacher(s) who demonstrate exemplar practices with the use of technology within their areas of expertise.

Perform duties as requested by the President.

The Chair shall convene the committee in-person and/or electronically as necessary.

Revised and approved, February 2017, replaces all previous versions.