PE: Adapted Council

PE: Adapted Council



The Council is responsible for the ongoing professional development of members who are involved in adapted physical education.


  1. Determine the top needs of professionals in the Council’s area of expertise.
  2. Develop an annual professional development plan.
  3. Plan programming for the state conference. Solicit presenters and ensure presentation proposals are submitted on time.
  4. Plan and implement professional development opportunities outside of the state conference as appropriate.
  5. Contribute articles for publication in Association communications.
  6. Maintain a current and robust set of professional development resources on the Council’s dedicated page on the Association’s web site.
  7. Nominate a slate of award candidates in the Council’s area of expertise.



Resources Operating Codes


Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role
Stout, Mandy* @hes_physed Haverhill Elementary School (0068) Chair
Nico Tigulis @nttigulis Heritage High School Member
Hazelett, Donna @dohaze Woodside Middle School (0067) Member
Clegg, Bethany* @clegg_pe Burris Laboratory School (1441) Member
Cassie Brooks @Brooks01CL Brownsburg West Middle School Sponsor
For more information, contact:Β Β  Β Β Mandy Stout Last Updated: 4/21/22