PE: High School

Secondary School Physical Education Teacher of the Year

The Teacher of the Year Award provides a means through which INSHAPE recognizes the work of an outstanding secondary physical education teacher. A secondary physical education teacher is defined for the purpose of this award as an individual whose primary responsibility (50% or more) is teaching physical education in ninth through twelfth grades for a specific school corporation.


Any high school physical education teacher who meets the eligibility requirements and exemplifies the criteria below may be nominated for this award.

  1. Current membership in INSHAPE.
  2. Minimum of five years of teaching experience.
  3. Degree and certification in teaching.
  4. Full time teaching at time of application submission and selection.
  5. Minimum of 50% of total job responsibilities is teaching physical education at the high school level.


Award Criteria

The applicant must be a teacher who:

  1. Conducts a comprehensive and diverse physical education (health or adapted) program that utilizes Essential Components and Physical Literacy (or Health Literacy) as reflected in SHAPE America Standards and Guidelines for K-12 physical education programs.
  2. Utilizes various teaching methodologies and appropriate instructional practices.
  3. Plans and implements innovative and diverse experiences to meet the needs of all students.
  4. Describes their utilization of Student Assessment, one of the essential components of physical education.
  5. Advocates for the profession, participates in professional development opportunities (such as, but not limited to: service through leadership, presentations, and/or writing).


Complete online application according to deadline on main Awards page.

Application requires one (1) letter of recommendation from applicant’s principal or colleague. The letter should be directly related to the award criteria.


Selection and Recognition Process

  1. The Awards Committee will select one award recipient from the pool of qualified applicants.
  2. Applicants will be notified by early Fall.
  3. The award will be presented at the State Conference in November.
  4. Award recipient is expected to present a session at the State Conference the following year.


Previous Award Recipients


2020  Beth Kriech

2019  Reese Ryzewski

2018  Matt Barker

2017 Kalie McKinley

2016 Katy McClure

2015 Adam Havice

2013 Kathy Newman Smith

2012 Gretchen Shafer

2011 LeAnn Haggard

2008 Deborah Riga

2007 Tod Held

2006 Lisa Miniear

2005 Keith Buetow

2004 Marlowe Mullen

2003 Ellen Mitchell

2001 Mary Jo McClelland

1994 Deb Frey

1993 Cathy Huntsinger

1992 Patricia Howard

1991 Peg Kiser

1990 Lee Ann Reed

1989 Jan Mock

1987 Darrell Taulmen

1986 Roberta Litherland

1985 Nancy Gerrard-Norris

1984 Gene Nesbitt

1983 Bernice Adkins