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PE: Middle School Council

PE: Middle School Council



INSHAPE’s Middle School council visions a state where all children are prepared to lead healthy, physically active lives.



INSHAPE’s Middle School council represents the interest and needs of physical educators teaching in Indiana middle schools. The mission is to advance professional practice and promote health and physical education, physical activity, fitness, dance, and sport.



  1. Support membership growth/retention objectives by maintaining an engaged council representing all nine Indiana districts.
  2. Become the primary source for review/updates to the Indiana state standards for middle school physical education.


Goals for 2021

To be established.


Resources Operating Codes

Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role (membership)
Grissom, Julie* @ Eastwood Middle School (5442) Chair (Current)
President-Elect (TBD) Sponsor (Current)
Bloomer, Michelle* @mbloomer10 New Palestine Jr High School (2566) Member (Current)
DeMien, Jason @ North Wood Middle School (1669) Member (Current)
Hersley, Chelsea @misschelseape Beech Grove Middle School (5453) Member (Current)
Imel II, Stephen @ SS Francis and Clare Catholic Sch (B540) Associate (Current)
Marshall, Justin @ North Junior High School (8230) Member (Current)
Stronczek, Michelle @ Saint Elizabeth Seton Catholic Sch (A104) Candidate (Current)
Hazelett, Donna @dohaze Woodside Middle School (0067) Candidate (Current)
Burkhead, Rachelle @ Connersville Middle School (1895) Candidate (Past)
Bredensteiner, Tara @gymt17 Noblesville West Middle School (2542) Candidate (Past)
Kelly, Jacqueline @jacskelly Roosevelt Middle School (9153) Candidate (Past)
Long, Josh @ Roosevelt Middle School (9153) Candidate (Past)
Ousley, Jennifer @funnelprincess Rensselaer Central Primary School (3213) Candidate (Past)
For more information, contact:     Julie Grissom last updated: 12/01/20