Health. Moves. Minds.


INSHAPE schools succeed by emphasizing student health and well-being to improve academic achievement. They embrace a culture/climate of wellness.


Recognition and benefits.

How We Work


Positive relationship with academic achievement and test scores.


Positive association with attentionconcentration and on-task behavior.


Positive impact to reduce discipline referrals and high-risk behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my school eligible?

Yes, all Indiana K-12 schools (public, private, charter, etc.) are eligible.

What do we have to do?

Simply complete a brief application.

What if I am a current INSHAPE member?

Awesome, you’ve already taken the first step. A modest upgrade converts your membership to INSHAPE SCHOOL status.

Is this a competitive award?

No, the only requirement is your commitment to educating the Whole Child.

What do we get?

Your school receives full INSHAPE membership benefits for at least two educational professionals (one educator, one administrator), a packet of resources to share with staff and parents, a banner, and a press release.

More questions? Contact us

Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are now being accepted.


INSHAPE schools receive a packet of resources, a school banner, and press announcement.

Reasons to become an INSHAPE SCHOOL


A. New and updated resources for social-emotional learning, e-Learning, distance learning, and advocacy.
B. Educator resources for standards-based health and physical education.
C. Full member benefits for your lead administrator (principal) and lead health/physical educator (department chair).
D. Access to SHAPE America’s health.moves.minds. in-school, service learning programs.
E. Digital platform for community fundraising to support Whole Child programs.
F. Special offers and discounts from INSHAPE partners.
G. Free and discounted professional development including the INSHAPE annual state conference.
H. Collaboration opportunities and best practice sharing with other INSHAPE schools.
I. Subscription to INSHAPE publications.
J. A banner designating your school as an INSHAPE school.

Congratulations to the following
INSHAPE SCHOOLS for the 2020-2021 School Year

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