Special Contributor Award

Special Contribution Award

The Special Contribution Award provides the means through which INSHAPE recognizes an individual who is outside of health, physical education, recreation, dance, and sport but who, through his/her work, has contributed significantly to the general purposes of the Association.


Any individual who meets the eligibility requirements and exemplifies the criteria below may be nominated for this award. Examples include, but are not limited to: Community Leaders, Media Leaders, Medical Personnel, Military Personnel, School Administrators, and Special Agency Personnel.

  1. Not be a member of INSHAPE, and
  2. Be at least 40 years of age (as of October 15 of the year of nomination submission).


Award Criteria

The nominee must be an individual who has made important contributions to health education, physical education, recreation, dance, and/or sport from the vantage point of his/her profession (i.e., general education, government, medicine, public health, etc.).


Complete online application according to deadline on main Awards page.

Nominee completes award application to provide basic information, marking N/A as needed. Nominator provides a biographical sketch outlining the contributions of the nominee and how those contributions are deserving of recognition, working with nominee to ensure accuracy.


Selection and Recognition Process

  1. The Awards Committee will select one award recipient from the pool of qualified applicants.
  2. Applicants will be notified by early Fall.
  3. The award will be presented at the State Conference in November.


Previous Award Recipients


2022  Julie Burns

2021  Jacob Kuckartz

2020  Jessica Yoder

2019  Tom Strenger

2018 Sunni Rossi

2017 Mike Prior

2016 Molly Powell

2011 Bonnie Hopper

2010 C’Motion and Jason Meier

2008 Michael Furnish

2007 Wilma Willard

2006 Jason Meier

2005 Charlie Brown

2004 Lynn Gosser

2003 Suellen Reed

2003 Bob Rider

2002 Cheryl Carlson

2001 Russ Mendelville

2000 Mary Pat Leonard

1993 Kelly Nebel

1990 Sandra Fenstermaker

1989 Cathy Cooper

1988 Phyllis Lewis

1987 Arden Cristen

1983 Merrill Ritter

1982 Governor Otis R. Bowen

1981 George and Mildred Dikan

1980 Senator Richard Lugar

1980 W. David Kenney

1978 Isaac Beckes

1977 Patricia Roy

1976 Jeff Marvin

1975 Philip Eskew

1974 Donald Odle

1973 Malcolm McClelland

1972 Hilliard Gates

1971 Josie Briscoe

1970 Richard Tim Phillips

1969 Jean Lee Marvin

1968 Newell C. Kephart

1967 Robert Barnet

1966 Elizabeth Noland Jackson