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Young Professionals Council

Young Professionals


The Council of Young Professionals determine, plan, and implement programs to foster professional development for all student members.


  1. Serve as the voice for student members to the INSHAPE Board of Directors.
  2. Develop an annual plan of association programs to address the specific needs of student members.
  3. Encourage post-graduate membership.
  4. Plan student specific programming for the state conference and leadership conference.

2021 Goal

To be established.

More Information

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Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role (membership)
Sheckles, Austin @@awesome_a_pe Indiana University-Bloomington Chair (Current)
President-Elect (TBD) Sponsor (Current)
Rash, Chris* @ Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Advisor (Current)
Thometz, Ryan @ Purdue University Member (Current)
Nasuta, Alexis @ Indiana State University Candidate (Current)
Jackson, William “Elliott” @ Anderson University Candidate (Current)
Guerrieri, Jake @jakeguerrieri Ball State University Candidate (Current)
White, Zach @ Manchester University Candidate (Current)
Sinders, Harley @ IUPUI Candidate (Current)
Eavey, Allison @ Purdue University Candidate (Current)
Nelsen, Anna @ Butler University Candidate (Current)
Miller, Katelyn @ Ball State University Candidate (Past)
For more information, contact:     Austin Sheckles,   Chris Rash Updated: 12/01/20